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You will find the selections offered by Meals in the Bag™ are crafted using the freshest ingredients and spices. The preparation methods will ensure the fresh flavors are preserved until the dishes are presented to your family or guests. Our menu selections are individually priced to give you the most flexibility for your family. Having a dinner party for 12? Order several of one menu choice and you will experience the easiest dinner party ever! On a tight budget? Select the menu items that best work with your family's needs.
Menu for April

Each menu item serves 4-6 people. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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* Meals in the Bag™ Time to Table Codes:

Green = quick to the table
Yellow = moderate amount of effort or cooking time
Red = longer cooking or preparation time
CP = crock pot


Cooking without the Shopping, Chopping or Mopping!™
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