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Meals in the Bag™ is an exciting new way to prepare dinner for your family! We do all the hard work: the recipe research, the shopping, the chopping and the mopping! You come in and put together 8-14 entrees for your freezer. All entrees are designed to be frozen. You store them in your freezer and then prepare them the day you need a fast, easy, delicious dinner. You have never had this much fun cooking! Bring along a cooler to transport your meals home and prepare for a month of ease.

Cooking without the shopping,<br/>chopping or mopping!

Our menu changes monthly, and we plan our entrees around the seasons; warm hearty stews in the winter, marinated chicken ready for your grill during the summer months. We provide the best ingredients, and you use them to make delicious entrees for your family. For an average $2.40 per serving you'll go home with 8-14 menu items. Many families find that this provides them with a month's worth of busy day dinners.

Here is exactly what you can expect when you come to Meals in the Bag™.

Step 1: You'll be given an orientation on safe food handling methods. You'll find a place for your personal belongings. We will ask you to claim a bin in the customer cooler. This is the place you will return to store your assembled menu item.

Step 2: In the large prep area you will find our recipe stations. Each stainless steel workstation is equipped with the recipe, ingredients and utensils required to assemble each entree. Meals in the Bag™ provides all food storage containers necessary for storing your menu items. BEGIN! Follow the simple recipe instructions found at the station. If there is a specific spice that your family loves, add more. Something in the recipe that your family doesn't like, leave it out. Only our meats are portion-controlled, but we at Meals in the Bag™ pride ourselves on our flexibility. If you feel a meat portion is not enough to fit your family's needs, you may add more for a small additional fee. We are happy to answer any questions about how the extra addition or exclusion will affect the entree.

Step 3: Make yourself at home in our kitchen! We are here to make this the easiest two hours you've ever spent in a kitchen. We are always happy to get you anything you need, and we'll clean up after you!

Step 4: Take your prepared menu item to the labeling counter. You will add our labels to each of your meals for easier identification when in the freezer.

Step 5: You are finished! Take your completed menu item to your personal bin in the cooler, wash your hands, and proceed to your next recipe station. And don't forget to HAVE FUN!

Still have questions, please view some of the Frequently Asked Questions that other Meals in the Bag™ customers have had.

Cooking without the Shopping, Chopping or Mopping!™
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