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Our Mission
Meals in the Bag believes that gathering people around the table for a shared meal is a tradition everyone should experience. We want families to reconnect while sharing Meals in the Bag and we make it easier for you to gather round the table.

Our Food
Meals in the Bag is the leader in creating fresh family friendly dinners for the freezer. Our menu changes monthly providing you with delicious meals planned around the seasons. We so strongly believe in the quality of our food and recipes that we are proud to offer a money back guarantee on each and every item that you make.

Our History
Wendy Tracy has been working in the meal preparation business for four years. So what are her qualifications? Wendy has been in the hospitality industry for 20+ years. She has worked every position imaginable within the restaurant industry. Wendy has a four year degree in Restaurant Administration from Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota. "I have a passion for cooking and a quest for perfection. It is imperative to listen to your customers in order to be able to offer items that they are interested in. I believe that the key to success is always offering superior customer service coupled with excellent food. The excitement I have for Meals in the Bag cannot be contained. My staff and I look forward to seeing you soon."

Meals in the Bag purchases restaurant quality food at high quantity prices and passes the savings on to you. Our menu is always protein-based, you won't find any cheap fillers like rice, pasta, corn or beans in our recipes. We pride ourselves on not being a replacement for the ground beef helper aisle in the grocery store, so our menu items aren't just casseroles, but whole meat entrees!

Your safety and the safety of your family is always on our minds. In fact, it's the most essential ingredient to our success. Meals in the Bag worked with the local health department to achieve the highest standard of licensing possible for a facility of our type. Employees are required to attain ServSafe certification. Every customer is orientated to sanitation practices and procedures before they begin a workshop.

Cooking without the Shopping, Chopping or Mopping!™
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